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He’s BACK: Austin Ekeler puts burst on display, scores on screen pass

Austin Ekeler has started strong against the Bears, displaying his pre-injury burst on a long screen pass for a touchdown.

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Austin Ekeler hasn’t looked like his usual self since returning from a high ankle sprain sustained in the Week One matchup against the Dolphins, but after this touchdown against the Chicago Bears, it’s looking like the injury might finally be behind him.

Austin and Justin Herbert faked a handoff, and Justin rolled out as if buying time for his receivers to get downfield before going back to Ekeler with a screen pass. Ekeler made a guy miss, picked up some blocks, and then won the footrace to the end zone to put the Chargers ahead, 7-0.

In doing so, Ekeler also added a personal accolade to his collection.

Austin became the youngest running back since the AFL and NFL merger to record thirty receiving touchdowns.

It’s great to see Ekeler showing his usual burst and playmaking ability. Let’s see if he can find his way to pay dirt for a second time tonight!