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BFTB Roundtable: Chargers vs. Bears Week 8 score predictions

Here are your staff predictions for the Chargers' primetime against the Bears on Sunday Night Football.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers have a chance to get their season back on track with a win tonight against the 2-5 Bears. Both teams struggle to defend the pass and whichever team can find the most success through the air might end up taking this one in primetime.

After two consecutive losses, it’s time for us to get back into the positive mindset. Did our writers swing heavily back towards the Chargers for tonight’s game? Continue on ahead to find out!

Michael Peterson: Like the Chargers, the Bears have one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL. I like the chances of the offense getting back into a groove and actually scoring some points in the second half this week. Josh Palmer is questionable heading into tonight and if he sits, that means we could see a new career high in snaps played for Quentin Johnston. Justin Herbert has four interceptions in his past three games after throwing none during the team’s first three contests. He’ll need a bug game in primetime to help get this club back on the right path. If they fall to 2-5, I don’t think the playoffs are in their future. This is a must-win game if there ever was one so far this year.

Final Score: Chargers 30-20

Kyle DeDiminicantanio: The Chargers have a golden opportunity to bounce back from back to back disappointing loses and win on the national stage. The Bears’ pass rush has been lackluster all season, so Justin Herbert should have ample time in the pocket even without Corey Linsley anchoring the line.

Brandon Staley could benefit from bringing his cornerbacks up to the line of scrummage, as Tyson Bagent had a Joe Lombardi-like average depth-of-target last week. Disrupting his receivers' routes and minimizing Bagent’s scrambling ability will be key for defensive success.

I struggle seeing the Chargers blow the lid off this game, but I also think this is one of those games where the Chargers will inspire hope that they’ve turned the corner. Hopefully it’s the start of better things to come.

Final Score: Chargers 24-17

Ryan Watkins: On paper this prime time matchup has the makings of a game to earn a convincing win and start to reignite belief in a dejected fan base. The Bears are not a formidable opponent at full strength and now their starting quarterback they are even less so. The defense they built a few years ago has not been able to sustain any kind of success this year and their offense may have improved since last season but it is still questionable at best with their star wide receiver DJ Moore being the only bright spark.

Unfortunately for the Chargers the Bears' area of strength is the screen game be that to Moore or any of their rotating backs. They've had success with that concept which also acts like a comfort blanket to their rookie qb. I see his legs getting some key first downs too. However I am confident in our defense being enough to handle this too, Staley's quarters is hard for rookie QBs to pick apart so I'm not sure many explosive plays will be allowed.

The otherside of the ball is where it gets interesting, the run game needs to finally add support the passing game, this team is just not successful without a balance. Justin Herbert is down some key weapons as well so I see the Chargers themselves using the quick game to open up Keenan Allen as the game goes on.

I'm of the mind that the Chargers need to cover the spread instead of just winning this game to be considered alive in the playoff hunt. It time our fans get to relax and take it easy in the fourth quarter for once, this team needs a good comfortable four quarter win.

Final Score: Chargers 27-17