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Chargers Week 7 Inactives: Derwin James is ACTIVE vs. Chiefs

After an ankle injury popped up for Derwin James on Thursday, the veteran safety will still take the field for the Chargers against the Chiefs.

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Chargers have dropped their inactives for today’s game and there’s at least two surprising decisions to go over.

First, third-year safety Mark Webb Jr. who was just elevated from the practice squad this weekend will not be active against the Chiefs. That means the Chargers will rely on Derwin James, Dean Marlowe, AJ Finley, and newly-signed Jaylinn Hawkins to handle the back end of the defense.

Secondly, tight end Tre’ McKitty is inactive for the first time this season. McKitty has mainly filled the role at the Chargers’ TE3 the past two seasons but this might be a turning point for the Chargers as they may now be committing to developing Stone Smartt further over the former third-round pick in 2020.

The rest of this week’s inactives include safety Alohi Gilman, cornerback Deane Leonard, running back Elijah Dotson, offensive lineman Zack Bailey, and defensive tackle Christopher Hinton.