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Chargers superfan Merrianne Do really chose to cheer for the two most-stressful franchises in the NFL

When given the chance to root for another team than the Vikings, she chose the powder blue Vikings of the AFC.

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Chargers superfan Merrianne Do probably had no idea her life was about to change when she walked in to SoFi Stadium on Monday night to watch her Bolts take on the Cowboys under the primetime lights.

But oh boy, did it ever.

Throughout the latter moments of the Chargers’ 20-17 loss to the Cowboys, the ESPN cameramen kept panning to Do as she winced, cringed, and erupted after every single play. Her reactions were so incredibly animated that video and pictures of her immediately became meme-worthy fodder for the degenerates on social media.

In the next 24-48 hours, Do would go on to make appearances across the NFL media landscape. She stopped by Pat McAfee’s show and was even on NFL Total Access to discuss her emotions in the moment captured on camera, as well as her history as Chargers fan.

Turns out, Do is fairly new to the Bolt Fam.

Come to find out, Do became a fan of the Chargers in 2017 when they moved from San Diego to Los Angeles. Prior to that? She cheered on the Minnesota Vikings as that was where she lived before moving out to the West Coast.

When I found that out, I could’t help but laugh.

When given the opportunity to cheer for the new team in the city she recently moved to, the universe gave her the Vikings of the AFC. Just a re-skinned franchise! Instead of cheering and rooting for a team who can’t find keep themselves out of one-score games, she’s now deciding to cheer for a team who can’t keep themselves out of one-score games...but in powder blue!

There are only TWO teams this season who have played in one-score games each week: The Chargers and the Vikings.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Do could have also just chose the Rams! But no, she wants to suffer and cheer with the rest of us. She wants to live and die by the bolt.

I’d continue to throw a few playful jabs her way, but then I’d start to sound like one heck of a hypocrite. At the end of the day, Do personified all of the emotion and energy we put into this team on a weekly basis and I’m glad to see her be rewarded for her passion.