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WATCH: Keenan Allen finds pay dirt again for Chargers

Keenan Allen scores a touchdown off a quick pass to the flat from Justin Herbert

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Keenan Allen, the Slayer himself, has put the Chargers ahead of the Cowboys 7-0. After the Chargers’ defense shut the Cowboys down on an opening three-and-out, Derius Davis made an exceptional punt return and gave the Bolts’ exceptional field position. From there, the offense did the rest and put our Bolts ahead quick.

Justin Herbert put Keenan Allen in motion across the line, snapping with Allen still carrying his momentum. He quickly beat the defender to the flat, and make easy work of this touchdown.

These motion techniques are commonplace amongst some of the top teams, and were lacking a bit in years past for the Chargers, where Lombardi would focus on using a motion to scheme a jet sweep or fake the jet sweep. Giving receivers a chance to get all the way across the line and start their route with speed and momentum behind them is something we’d love to see much more of.

Keenan Allen continues to have an incredibly impressive year, playing as well as he’s ever played over his career. His continued success, and most importantly his continued health, is instrumental in this Chargers’ team making a deep run.

Let’s keep it going Chargers!