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Chargers Daily Links: The Cowboys’ 5 biggest threats to the Chargers

Can Trey Pipkins and the Chargers prevent Micah Parsons from taking over their next game?

New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Good morning, Chargers fans!

The Chargers are playing a team that’s had a Jekyll and Hyde start of their season thus far. The Dallas Cowboys entered the season appearing unstoppable after shutting out the New York Giants, fresh off a playoff birth and wildcard victory last season, and scoring 40 points in Week One. They continued with a strong outing against the Jets, defeating them 30-10, before getting walloped by a Cardinals team that many saw as a contender for the first overall pick in the next draft.

They put up another dominant performance against the Patriots with a 38-3 victory, before getting dominated by the 49ers 10-42 on Sunday Night Football.

Put another way, win or lose, the Cowboys haven’t had a game decided by a single possession thus far. Outside of the 12-point defeat to the Cardinals, the next closest game was decided by 20 points. Those kind of wins and losses are an unknown to Chargers fans in recent years.

A big part of the Cowboys’ ability to break a game wide open stems from possessing elite game-changing talent on either side of the ball. Micah Parsons is the type of generational athlete that Kellen Moore will have to account for, and if the Cowboys are smart, they will shift him over to Trey Pipkins’ side to create a mismatch. Over at Chargers Wire, Gavino Borquez breaks down four more players that must be game planned around if the Chargers are to win their Monday Night matchup.

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