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Chargers Daily Links: Could WR Mecole Hardman be a trade target for the Bolts?

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Good morning, Chargers fans!

There has been considerable chatter over which trade targets the Chargers could be keeping an eye on. Kyle Pitts is a name that has come up frequently, but it’s rare a player of such high draft pedigree and talent is given up on so quickly. Van Jefferson quickly popped up on everyone’s radar, before coincidentally going to Pitt’s Falcons.

Today, it was announced by Jeremy Fowler of ESPN that the Jets were exploring a possible trade for Mecole Hardman. Some Chargers pundits and fans immediately linked him as a possible target for the Bolts, going so far as to label him as a perfect fit.

It’s fair to point out that Hardman spent four seasons playing for the Chiefs, catching passes from the leagues top quarterback, and averaged just four touchdowns a season a scratch over 500 yards per season in that time. That production seems fairly replacement-level, so is it likely Hardman would make a significant impact on this roster?

What do you think, BFTB? Is Hardman someone you’d want to target?

And now for today’s links.

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