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Chargers Daily Links: Could Bill Belichick be on the Chargers’ radar as their future head coach?

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Good morning, Chargers fans!

The Chargers have been the center of many rumor mills regarding the future of the head coach position. After Brandon Staley’s Bolts surrendered a historically relevant comeback to the Jaguars last year in the playoffs, Staley has been a regular mention when discussing which coaches may be on the hot seat.

Last season, there was much discussion about Sean Payton’s desire to step in as the Chargers’ head coach, something Colin Cowherd recent confirmed.

More recently, Jim Harbaugh has been a fixture in rumors about a new direction the Chargers may decide to pursue after this season.

Now, with all of the turmoil in New England this season, pundits are predicting an exit for Bill Belichick and a potential fit with the Chargers. He would be the most decorated head coach the Chargers had ever hired, but his teams have been fairly disastrous since the departure of Tom Brady. Is that really the direction the Bolts want to go next season Let’s discuss below!

And now for today's links.

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