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Chargers Injury: Justin Herbert injures hand following interception

The franchise quarterback seemed to hurt his hand trying to make his way towards the ball carrier

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Justin Herbert has gone into the blue tent after suffering an injury during an interception return in the third quarter. He is being evaluated for a hand injury after trying to find a way to make the tackle on Trevon Moehrig after the Raiders’ defender picked off his pass attempt aimed at Joshua Palmer. He was being blocked by Maxx Crosby at the time and came up afterwards holding his left hand before going straight into the blue medical tent.

If Justin Herbert, the Chargers’ franchise quarterback, is not able to return to the field by the time the offense take the field then Easton Stick will be asked to lead Kellen Moore’s offense for the remainder of the game. It will be a nervous end to a game the Chargers have dominated if they are asked to switch quarterbacks midgame.

There is no underestimating how much a big loss Herbert would be to this team, if he even misses a drive the team will feel it but if it is a longer term injury the season itself will be in jeopardy.

Update: Herbert is back on the field, but with a splint or brace on his heavily-wrapped left hand. The injury appears to be to the middle finger.