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Sack Attack: Khalil Mack notches 5th sack of the day

Khalil Mack has been a one-man wrecking crew today, with four sacks and two forced fumbles to his name

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Khalil Mack has destroying the Raiders' pass protection today, sacking rookie Aidan O’Connell five times thus far, and we still have 10 minutes left in the third quarter.

The pairing of Mack and Joey Bosa is one Chargers fans have been waiting to see at full strength, but Joey’s injuries have kept him off the field for long stretches and more recently have forced him into a rotational role while we wait for him to get closer to full strength. Today, they left Joey out of the lineup to compound this week’s rest with the upcoming bye week.

Khalil Mack’s taking it upon himself to make sure the Chargers’ pass rush doesn’t miss a beat today. So far, he’s given rookie Aidan O’Connell a day he’ll never forget with a handful of sacks and a pair of strips. O’Connell has put the ball on the ground three times today, with one being an unforced error where he failed to secure the ball as he was attempting to tuck and evade the pass rush.