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4 Questions on new Chargers OC Kellen Moore with Cowboys expert RJ Ochoa

Why exactly did the Cowboys part ways with one of the best young minds in the NFL?

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Chargers refused to let even a day go by after Kellen Moore parted ways with the Cowboys before signing him to be their next offensive coordinator.

If anything, that tells you he was far-and-away the best option on the market to them as the team had spent all of last week in interviews without finding the right fit.

Now, they’ve got their guy.

To gain some further knowledge on the team’s newest play-caller, I reached out to our resident Cowboys expert and Blogging the Boys front man, RJ Ochoa, to get his opinion on the entire process starting from the team’s decision to move on, the signing, and all of Moore’s strengths and weaknesses while in Dallas.

Let’s go ahead and dive right in.

1.) Explain the reasoning behind the Cowboys mutually parting ways with Kellen Moore like I’m five.

There is no denying that the Dallas Cowboys were incredibly successful on offense throughout the Kellen Moore regime, but it has been four years with him as offensive coordinator now. He survived the transition from Jason Garrett to Mike McCarthy and with the Cowboys teetering on elite status (that is the hope anyway) there had to be a significant change moving into next season. Mike McCarthy very famously said he would never cede play-calling duties ever again before joining the Cowboys and accepted Kellen Moore on his staff because he inherited them. It is boring but things just sort of ran their course.

2.) What are Moore’s biggest strengths as an offensive coordinator? What parts of his play-calling will fans miss the most?

It is hard to say anything other than Dak Prescott. Not to take away from Kellen, but Dak really has been the straw that has stirred this whole thing for the last few years. For what it’s worth Kellen has shown an ability to adapt and find new strengths and the best example here recently was understanding how to get CeeDee Lamb open by using him in motion a ton.

3.) What were his weaknesses? What will fans not miss about him calling the offense?

I’d say that the biggest criticism of Kellen over the end of the season was a lack of consistency, although that also extended to Dak. The Cowboys offense showed all sorts of promise and ability and then a week later would fizzle out. Obviously they played some great defenses which were a part of things, but we didn’t really see Kellen show the same disposition on a week-to-week basis.

4.) What is your personal opinion on the Chargers hiring Moore? With Brandon Staley needing to turn around the offense fast, was this the right move?

The most productive days of Dak Prescott have been with Kellen Moore as his offensive coordinator. It sounds silly and lame, but people believed Kellen could unlock an offense like that way back when he was just a player on the Cowboys. He has a rich history in the coaching world of football and seems to have the right sort of energy for this. I don’t know if he is THE guy to save Justin Herbert, but I don’t know who I think THE guy would be either. I would be legitimately excited if I was a Chargers fan.