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Breiden Fehoko, Sebastian Joseph-Day call for increased penalties on OL in hilarious Twitter thread

Fehoko went as far as to call offensive linemen in the NFL “athletic car salesmen.”

NFC: Chargers vs Titans

If you’re a former or current defensive lineman, no matter the level of play, you may have noticed a lot of questionable snaps by offensive tackles in this year’s NFL playoffs.

Well, a couple Chargers linemen have finally had enough and decided to take to Twitter to air their grievances during Sunday’s NFC Championship matchup between the Eagles and the 49ers.

Breiden Fehoko, one of the team’s up-and-coming run stoppers, is tired of seeing tackles lineup “a whole yard and a half” off the line of scrimmage while seemingly jumping the snap for an extra advantage against the pass rushers.

After clicking on Fehoko’s tweet, you’d quickly see fellow defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day coming to support his teammate’s brave statement.

Another player who ended up joining the discourse was former Chargers offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga who didn’t need many words to express his feelings on the matter. However, Fehoko was ready for those whose stance was located on the other side of the fence.

Capping it all off, Fehoko shared even more of his feelings towards NFL offensive lineman. While this is obviously all in jest, it’s just plain hilarious to see him calling offensive linemen “athletic car salesman.”

I mean, come on. This is great entertainment. More petty NFL fights on Twitter, please!