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What’s your biggest football-related superstition?

What must get done for your game day to go right?

NFL: JAN 01 Rams at Chargers Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Tuesday, we asked you all about your biggest football-related superstition when it comes to the Chargers.

As always, here are our favorites answers!


I’m 1-0 in games I’ve been to with Kyle De.

It was a blowout win v the Rams too.

Maybe that’s the key moving forward. I fly to the States for each game and fly back home during the week.


No superstition that I do, however starting to think that my presence at the games may be a jinx. Team is 0-5 in the last 5 games I’ve been to. May just stay on my couch next all next season instead of SoFi and Allegiant Stadiums.


Don’t say anything positive or predict a win on here before or during a game. Broke the superstition against the Jags during the first half and look what happened.


I have a sweet Chargers jacket I bought years ago that I used to wear watching away games or when going to the Q during home games in the San Diego days. I refuse to wear it again until I get to go to an another game, in-person...


0 SB titles in the history of the franchise. Apparently every superstitious activity from every fan has been wrong.

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