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If you had to wear one Chargers jersey forever, which player would it be?

This is certainly one of the hardest questions we’ve asked so far.

San Diego Chargers vs Dallas Cowboys

For this week’s community discussion, we asked you all which player’s jersey you would wear if you had to wear one for the rest of your life.

I really liked this one as I expected to get a wildly diverse set of answers from you all and you all delivered.

Let’s go ahead and check out some of our favorites!


#83 Johnny Jefferson

Buck Melanoma

#76, Jamal Williams, followed closely by Junior.

George Greenwalt

55 over 21 by a nose, my two favorite Chargers of all time. True Chargers through and through!


Seau 55. That is when Chargers love began for me. Of course I can wear 17, 21, 85, heck I can even wear Humphries 12, LOL.


Seau, Gates, LT and Rivers are all great options, but I’d probably go with Alworth’s 19. Bambi played for both my favorite college team (Arkansas Razorbacks) and my favorite pro team, so it would be the best of both for me.

Chuck Muncie

#14 Dan Fouts, many great memories!


Rivers #17 in powder blue and navy (I have both). My favorite college player of all time and the reason I became a Chargers fan in 2004.


There are many to choose from.

For me it’s Alworth #19.

...for sure it wouldn’t be Bosa lol.


Easy, hands down #80 white Jersey from ‘82 — KW is my all time favorite player for that performance. Forty years later and it feels like yesterday!

Be sure to stop back next Tuesday for another Chargers community discussion!