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Chargers Injury: Michael Davis questionable to return

Cornerback Michael Davis leaves with a pectoral injury

Chargers Rams at SoFi Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The Chargers have lost cornerback Michael Davis to a pectoral injury and he is questionable to return to the game.

This would be a big loss for the Charges as Davis has been playing well all season and means that rookie Ja’Sir Taylor is being forced onto the field. Taylor has been good this season as well but he is a rookie and not playing at Davis’ level or experience.

The Chargers also need all the help they can get as after possibly the most explosive 1st quarter they’ve ever had, they have failed to continue capitalizing and as they head into the 4th quarter they are now holding on to a 30 - 20 lead.

Hopefully Davis can return to this game, and if he can’t hopefully it isn’t a serious enough injury to keep him out should the Chargers hold on to this lead and win.