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Who is on the Chargers’ Mt. Rushmore?

There were no wrong answers here.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, we asked you all to come up with your four players that you believe should be on the Chargers’ Mt. Rushmore. This is one heck of a difficult question and I believe there are a ton of correct answers with a whole lot of room for discussion.

Curious to see what everyone had to say? Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.


Tomlinson, Seau, Fouts, Bambi


IMO Seau and LT are obvious.

IMO you guys are short-changing Alworth big time.He played 136 regular season and 7 playoff games in 11 seasons (1962-1972). Consider:

He was 1st team All Pro 6 times and 2nd team All Pro 1 time. None of the players named in this thread other than Seau had more than 3 1st team All Pro selections (Seau had 6).

Alworth led the league in major categories in a season 9 times: receptions (3), receiving yards (3), receiving TDs (3).

When Alworth retired after the 1972 season, he ranked very high in the major receiving categories: receptions (4), receiving yards (2), and receiving TDs (3).

PFR calculates a Hall of Fame Monitor score; Alworth’s score is 124.85, which is #8 among WRs all time and higher than all players named in this thread other than LT.

First AFL player elected to PFHOF.

I love Gates and WInslow, but I can’t choose either of them over the best QB in Chargers history. I think that is Rivers, my favorite player of all time. It is difficult to fairly compare QBs of different eras, i.e., to compare Rivers and Fouts. But I would point out a big point that gets overlooked when people talk about Rivers for the HOF — Rivers played for the collective worst set of NFL head coaches of any QB in history who warranted serious QB consideration: Schottenheimer (1 as a starter), Norv (6), McCoy (4), Lynn (4), Reich (1). Fouts played 8 seasons for Coryell, who is long overdue for the HOF.

So: Seau, LT, Alworth, Rivers


Leslie O’Neal, THE most underrated defender in League history.

Retired with more sacks than LT.

Incredible 12.5 sacks in 12 games rookie year, including 5. S Landry Cowboys. Injured his knee but came back 1.5 years later to lead club to its ONLY Super Bowl.

49ers, who beat us on The Bowl, tried to sign Leslie that year but we kept him.

Others: Fouts, Gates, LT, Rodney Harrison, Gill Byrd.


Humphries, LT, Seau, Gates

Humphries is someone I could see being replaced by an Alworth or Winslow.. maybe even Rivers. But tough to argue against leading the team to it’s only SB.

The Truth Injection

I think it’s LT, Fouts, Seau, Winslow

Alworth is close for me. Winslow just so redefined what the position was and a lot of the “line up the tight end at wide receiver” comes from how Winslow was used.


Pre 2000: Alworth, Fouts, Seau, Winslow

Post 2000: LT, Rivers, Gates, James*

All-Time: Fouts*, Seau, LT, Rivers*

*Herbert is coming for you one day.

George Greenwalt

LT, Junior, Fouts, Gates over Winslow by a nose....In 5 years Herbert will replace Fouts.

Come back next Tuesday for another Chargers community discussion and another chance to have your answers featured!