Episode 31 – Wk 18 Broncos Recap & Wild Card Round Jags Preview – Thunder Down Under Chargers Podcast

Hello to all our friends across the Globe! We've just released Episode 31 of The Thunder Down Under Chargers Podcast.

You can watch it on YouTube here. Alternatively, you can find us wherever you like to download your favourite audio podcasts (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc).

Our synopsis for Episode 31 is below:

"HEE-HAW, EEEYORE! The Bolts lose in Wk 18 against Denver but that wasn't the game's main story. Join Andy and Jack as they discuss the whirlwind of criticism encircling Staley ahead of Wild Card Weekend. They also play a game of 'Snakes and Ladders - Playoff Edition' before providing their analysis of the Chargers' PLAYOFF opponents, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Don't miss it! C'MON YOU BOLTS!"

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Hope you enjoy the episode! Thanks so much for listening :-)

Alister (AKA "AussieBoltsFan", "@TDU_Alister")

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