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Chargers activate 21-day practice window for Rashawn Slater

The Chargers will look to have their left tackle back for the divisional round.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday afternoon, Brandon Staley announced that the team is activating the 21-day practice window for left tackle Rashawn Slater.

While Staley noted he’d be at practice on Tuesday, he didn’t beat around the bush in announcing that Slater will not be playing in this week’s wild card matchup against the Jaguars. With that being the case, the Chargers will have to take care of business this week if they want to have Slater back at all before they officially hit the offseason.

That’s not the fairy tale news that fans were hoping for, but a small chance of seeing the 2021 first-round pick return this season is better than none at all.

Slater sustained his bicep tear against the Jaguars in week three. It had long been noted that, despite the severity of the injury, it didn’t necessarily mean that Slater’s 2022 season was over. However, making the playoffs seemed like a foregone conclusion in order to have some sort of chance for him to return.

That looks to be the case, but the Bolts are going to have to earn his return with a win over the Jags on Saturday night.