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Chargers handed an ‘F’ following disastrous performance against Jaguars

You get what you deserve, unfortunately.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Each week, CBS Sports puts hands out letter grades to each NFL team based on their latest performance. More than a few notable teams on Sunday fell flat and earned themselves less-than-stellar marks. However, no club received a worse grade than the Chargers who earned a big, sloppy “F” for their 38-10 shellacking by the Jaguars.

In my opinion, NFL analyst and author John Breech took the words right out of my mouth in his analysis of the Chargers’ performance on Sunday.

“The Chargers should just go ahead and burn the film from this game, then pick up the ashes and set those on fire, too.”

Yeah. I think I said the same thing five or one hundred times throughout Sunday afternoon.

“This game was an absolute disaster from start to finish,” said Breech. “The Chargers defense got embarrassed by a Jaguars offense that was basically able to score at will. The only upside of being blown out is that Brandon Staley could have pulled Justin Herbert out of the game early, but HE DIDN’T DO THAT. Despite the fact that Herbert has an injured rib cage, Staley left his QB end to take a beating until the bitter end.”

When a game is that disastrous, fans always want something they can hone in on and place the blame. But this outcome was so insanely unexpected that it’s been difficult to point to anything with supreme confidence. Was it effort? Was it play-calling? The game plan? Who does the blame come down to?

At the end of the day, it’s Brandon Staley’s responsibility and his alone. The Chargers had 10 days to create a game plan that benefitted them and the players who were expected to play. Maybe in the first half they looked good and even deserved a ton of respect for keeping things close after the pair of back-breaking turnovers.

But that second half? It was a deflated team wrecked by injuries and the coaching staff couldn’t muster up anything to rejuvenate their guys.

We’ll see what happens against the Texans, but I’m not getting my hopes up again just yet.