FILM STUDY: Reasons for Optimism for Staley's Weaponized Defense.

Hello BFTB!

I had the privilege of hopping on a quick podcast with Jack from the Thunder Down Under Podcast, and we broke down film of some of the massive improvements we've made to our defensive schemes, playcalling, and personnel.

Topics we cover are:

  • Building on last year's success with the Tite Front into creative variations of the Tite,
  • Staley's intuition for baiting QB's into interceptions
  • Finally having the personnel to PROPERLY play gap-and-a-half defense.
  • A very creative one IDL dime package that had lots of success, culminating in THREE sacks throughout the game, including the final two.
  • And more :)

I will be breaking this down further with a written component this week as well, but I hope you enjoy the video!

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