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AFC West Mixtape Ep. 1: Underrated players, OUR GUY for the 2022 season, and honest division record predictions

Managing editors from every AFC West community get together to discuss all things happening in the division.

It’s with great pleasure that I bring you all the very first episode of a new podcast series we’re calling the AFC West Mixtape.

I’m getting together with Pete Sweeney (Arrowhead Pride), Bill Williamson (Silver & Black Pride), and Tim Lynch (Mile High Report) as the managing editors of their respective communities once a month to bring you all a one-stop shop podcast for everything that will be happening within the NFL toughest division.

There’s no doubt that every game between these division rivals will be must-watch football this year and we wanted to make sure none of you miss a single thing.

In this week’s pilot episode, we discussed the each team underrated players — one on offense and one on defense — before we all stake our claim on OUR GUY this season that we feel like, for whatever reason, is poised for a big year. We then conclude the episode with our honest division records for our respective teams.

(Hint: We all think the team we cover is going to be good this season)

If you’re already dying to listen to episode one, you can do so right here.