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Chargers fans have middling confidence in Joe Lombardi as the right OC for Justin Herbert

Here’s how the Chargers fan base is feeling following a week one win at home over the Raiders.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For this week’s SB Nation Reacts survey, I asked a trio of questions:

1.) What grade would you give the offense in week one?

2.) What grade would you give the defense in week one?


3.) Do you believe that Joe Lombardi is the right offensive coordinator for Justin Herbert?

Results were about as expected, so let’s check them out.

According to participants, 60 percent of Chargers fans believe that Lombardi actually IS the right offensive coordinator for Herbert.

Now I didn’t offer up this question because I think Lombardi has been an objectively-bad play caller, but I’ve had reservations about his feel for the game as it goes on. One too many times this team gets cute (at least one or twice per game) in moments where the last thing we need is Lombardi trying to reinvent the well.

On a third-and-short against the Chiefs, the Chargers attempted a double-pass that did not end with Justin Herbert throwing the football down field. It was a screen where the ball went from Herbert to DeAndre Carter to Austin Ekeler. It unsurprisingly ended in a loss as every pass was behind the line of scrimmage.

It’s stuff like this that will continue the discourse on whether or not Herbert will be able to his his peak with Lombardi calling this offense.

Next up: Grades for both the offense and defense.

According to participants, the majority of fans (68 percent) gave the offense a “B” for their performance against the Raiders. 27 percent gave them a “C” while only three percent went with an “A.”

As for the defense, 64 percent of surveyors believed their performance was worthy of an “A.” This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone after their huge three-sack, three-interception performance against a dangerous offense in Las Vegas.