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Chargers release first unofficial depth chart.

Unofficial is hopefully the key word here.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With a few weeks of camp in the books for the Los Angeles Chargers, the team has seen fit to release a first “unofficial” depth chart. It is unofficial but there’s still some interesting things to unpack here.

First off, lets take a look at the good news here.

1st round pick Zion Johnson is already in the starting spot for the Chargers at RG. He has been drawing just about as great of reviews as you can get for a guard and the staff obviously agrees.

2nd year CB Asante Samuel Jr has taken a starting spot on the depth chart as well which is good news for the secondary.

The big name Free Agents and trade acquisitions are all starting. J.C. Jackson, Kyle Van Noy, Khalil Mack, Sebastian Joseph-Day and Austin Johnson are all new starters on defense.

Now the head scratchers.

Jerry Tillery is still penciled in as a starter...

There are multiple positions on offense with an “or” which, kind of defeats the purpose of a depth chart, but 2 of them are going to have interesting roster implications at FB and QB 2-3. The 3rd one is for RT which might be the most important position battle in camp.

We’ll see how this plays out and how it changes between now and the start of the season.