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Sebastian Joseph-Day: ‘You can have a great team...but it’s really about the details’

The recent Super Bowl champ has likely been a sounding board for many on the Chargers defense.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever a team adds a new player to the roster who has the rare experience of winning a Super Bowl, it’s expected that they’ll get bombarded with questions regarding the expected wisdom and mindset that comes from going where so few players get the chance to go.

Things haven’t been any different with Sebastian Joseph-Day, who won last year’s Super Bowl with the Rams.

Following Wednesday’s practice, Joseph-Day had the chance to speak to the media along with head coach Brandon Staley and tight end Gerald Everett. He fielded a number of questions, but my favorite answer came from a question posed by The Los Angeles Times’ Jeff Miller who inquired about what it will take for a defense full of new faces to come together in time for the regular season.

Here’s what Joseph-Day had to say:

“We all just have to, honestly, take it one day at a time and continue to work on the little things. I feel like in the game of football, you can have a great team and, you know, have all these star players but it’s really just about the details and the cohesion. Just finding ways to never get complacent. I feel like it’s easy with this game. I feel like the game of football in general is so humbling, right? The more you think you got the answer, the question switches.”

You can really feel the genuine thought in this answer. The man just won a Super Bowl and he hasn’t lost sight of the mindset he’s used to go from a late-round draft pick to a world champion. The Chargers are loaded with talent, but they’re certainly not the first team to be held in this certain light. Other teams have gone out and spent the money, only to falter and fall short of the sky-high expectations set for them. If the Bolts want to avoid a comparable fate, then they all must strive together to avoid the complacency Joseph-Day speaks about above.

Chargers fans have watched their team get humbled far too many times in recent years, and that includes the incredibly-deflating performance put on against the Texans last December. This season, the need to keep those humbling moments to a minimum has never been greater.