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Ryan Ficken, Troy Reeder, and Matt Feiler hit the podium after training camp practice #6

Check out a recap of Tuesday’s media availability.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Following Tuesday’s training camp practice, first-year special teams coordinator Ryan Ficken kicked off the day’s media availability, followed by linebacker Troy Reeder and offensive guard Matt Feiler.

Below I transcribed some of the highlights across all three:

Special Teams Coordinator Ryan Ficken

On what he has seen from kickers Dustin Hopkins and Jason McCourt thus far in training camp:

“They’ve got strong legs. They do a great job. They’re professionals. They know their craft. I think the operation has been going really well with those guys. The thing that we’ll always continue to build on is the consistency. You know, making sure we’re staying with our rhythm up to the ball. Our operation. We just have to make sure we’re consistent all the way up through the kicks.”

On if consistency is what he’s focusing on right now with his players:

“Absolutely. It’s just the urgency. We’re working technique and fundamentals right now. We’re trying to lay that foundation that’s going to allow us to to be successful in all these situations as we continue to move forward in camp. We’re going to make sure that we go ahead and get into this situationals. Parts of the game, full operations, punt, kickoff, and all that as we continue to move forward. Right now, we gotta make sure we have a good foundation before we can go in and get to that second level.”

On what he’s seen from DeAndre Carter thus far in training camp:

“I’ve been really imopressed with the way he is in terms of being a professional, the way he approaches the game, the way he goes ahead and steps on the field. He means business every time. But his acceleration and his burst I think is better than what you see on tape. I’m really pleased with where he’s at. Pleased with all the other returners, as well. They’re working hard out there to try and win those spots, too, because we’re not solidified but we know who we got.”

Linebacker Troy Reeder

On what it will take for this Chargers team to compete for a Super Bowl and what wisdom he’s been able to bring from his time with the Rams:

“The biggest thing is you have to be built to go all the way. That really starts right now. That seems kind’ve crazy being that it just turned into August right now but you know, the habits we are creating are stuff that’s going to drive us all the way through September, October, November, and then hopefully into mid-February. Just the little things about what it takes, how to stay healthy, and do the right things every single day. I was blessed to be around a group that did do it the right way, every way, coming out and competing. I see so many similarities in that here and I think this team has what it takes and we just have to put it all together and keep competing to make each other better.”

On what he believes has allowed the defense to come together fast with so many new faces:

“I mean, we have really good coaches, not just Coach Staley, but at defensive coordinator and our position coaches. That’s been huge. The familiarity helps a lot. It’s allowed guys like me, Sebastian, Khalil, Bryce, guys that have played in the system at least one year, to be able to come in and at least know the general scheme, ya know, we’re picking up a little bit of the new stuff that Coach Staley has implemented through last year. There was a little bit different from what I did in 2020 or what Khalil Mack did in 2018 and what Bryce did in Denver and Chicago. So, overall, the language is normally a big learning point and learning curve to when you come into a new system. We know the language. We can speak it and that’s the biggest thing. Now we’re just fine-tuning the details. You know, every day there’s one or two things I do that’s something we did differently last year but it’s the same call and we’re learning how to play it in different ways. It’s been really good. The guys that have been here kind’ve leading that charge. They had a good group and we’re happy to be with them.”

Offensive Guard Matt Feiler

On how convenient it is to keep the left side of the offensive line together from last year to now:

“It’s always good to keep consistency along the line. There’s always going to be some moving parts with injuries and whatnot but just to keep that consistency on the left side, it’s going to be good for a young group.”

On how it’s been working with new offensive line coach Brendan Nugent:

“He fits right in with our room. It’s a lot of the same terminology that we used last year so there wasn’t much turnaround with that. It’s been pretty easygoing.”

On how much easier Shaun Surratt has made the transition from Frank Smith to Brendan Nugent:

“It’s been good. Same terminology and stuff so it wasn’t very hard of a transition at all but it’s been nice having him in the room to kind’ve keep things within the terms that we know.”

On how it’s been facing the improved talent on the defensive line:

“It definitley helps getting guys like that, some of the best pass rushers in the league lining up against our guys. We have to be on our best technique and stuff like that. Anytime someone can get a rep against them it’s going to help us.”