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Chargers make Derwin James NFL’s highest paid safety with 4 year extension

The deal is finally done and Derwin James is now the NFL’s highest paid safety

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The hold-in is finally over. The Los Angeles Chargers have signed safety Derwin James to a 4 year, $76.5M extension.

The deal was pretty much wrapped up heading into training camp but neither side could get it across the finish line, allegedly due to some dispute over the injury language in the contract. Teammates and coaches never wavered in their comments saying that the deal would get done.

Now the last grey cloud that was hanging over the outlook on the Chargers this season has cleared and it’s all systems go.

The focus now will be on smartly bringing Derwin up to speed on the practice field. He needs full speed reps to start building his body up for week 1, but the team also doesn’t want to push him too hard too fast. With how the team has handled injured players under Coach Brandon Staley so far, I fully expect them to slow play his return initially.

Tom Telesco and team cap expert Ed McGuire are going to have their work cut out for them now however, as the Chargers have a growing list of expensive players and the need to sign Justin Herbert to a long term deal on the horizon.