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Chargers make moves to bring roster to 85

Chargers make a handful of moves for the first cut down day.

Chargers Rams at SoFi Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

With the deadline for NFL teams to trim down to 85 players as part of the first round of cuts down to 53 players coming tomorrow, the Los Angeles Chargers made a handful of moves today to get to that mark.

The team has waived WR Maurice Ffrench, QB Brandon Peters, and S Skyler Thomas. Ffrench was around the team last year and may be a name we see again at some point during the season added to the practice squad. Peters and Thomas were both UDFAs and were longshots to make the team, especially Peters. I was hoping we would get a chance to see Peters in the preseason but it looks like that isn’t going to happen.

The team also waived/injured DT Forrest Merrill and C Isaac Weaver. If no other teams claim either of those players, they will revert to the injured reserve list for the Chargers. Merrill spent time on the roster last year and the team feels like they have a bit of something with him they can develop. Depending on their injuries and whether or not they want to stay with the team, they could wind up sticking on the IR or being released from the IR with an injury settlement.