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Chargers Training Camp: Best tweets from Day 5

What was Twitter saying about the first day in pads?

LA Chargers training camp at Jack R. Hammett Sports Complex Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The 4th day of full team practices brought us the first day in pads for the Los Angeles Chargers training camp. It sounds like it was a good practice all around and definitely the most information we have seen thus far.

This tweet was later amended with the fact that both Larry Rountree III and Joshua Kelley got a few first team reps today. However, Spiller is still drawing a ton of praise and will likely win the spot.

Derwin watch continues, however our own Garrett Sisti's sources are telling him that we might not be waiting much longer to see Derwin practice.

These are going to be some fun battles throughout camp. Love seeing the skill position version of "iron sharpens iron."

Zion Johnson, who was the Chargers' top pick in this year's draft, had a very good day by the sounds of things. Moving well, recovering well, and winning the majority of his matchups.

The secondary had a productive day today both in 1v1s and 11v11s, with multiple DBs getting in on the PBU and INT action.

The DB group is in full ball hawk mode right now.

Carter was a fairly quiet FA pickup, mostly brought in to be the team's kick and punt returner, but through 4 days of camp he is showing he can contribute on offense if they need him.

Palmer won a bunch today and combined with how he finished last season, things are looking very good for him to secure the WR3 spot and get a ton of playing time.

Austin Johnson shows some violent hands and very impressive strength off the snap, but a good recovery from the rookie here.

Slater appears to be picking up right where he left off last season. I expect him to continue improving as he now gets to face both Joey Bosa AND Khalil Mack in practice.

Mack was also very impressive today in his first padded action as a Charger.

As was stated, Zion had a great day. Jerry Tillery is still looking like a bust, especially as a former 1st round pick.

This is a very promising development for the Chargers. Their biggest weakness last year is off to a strong start with the additions the front office made to the defensive line.