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Chargers will not face Deshaun Watson in 2022 if initial 6-game suspension holds

The Bolts would likely face a Jacoby Brissett-led Browns team in week five.

NFL: Cleveland Browns Training Camp Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Former Judge Sue L. Robinson dropped her final verdict on the punishment for Deshaun Watson early Monday morning and her conclusion led to suggesting a six-game suspension for the current Browns quarterback.

Now the NFL and Roger Goodell have a chance to appeal the decision and ultimately be the ones to make the final judgement call so it’s still too early to tell whether or not Watson truly gets what he ultimately deserves.

Should the NFL choose not fight the six-game suspension, Watson will miss the following games to begin the season:

  • Week 1: @ Panthers
  • Week 2: Vs. Jets
  • Week 3: Vs. Steelers
  • Week 4: @ Falcons
  • Week 5: Vs. Chargers
  • Week 6: Vs. Patriots

In that week five matchup, the Chargers would most likely face Jacoby Brissett whom the Browns signed in preparation for an inevitable Watson suspension. Brissett was most recently played for the Dolphins where he started five games in 2021. He finished the season with 1,283 passing yards and five touchdowns to four interceptions.

The last time Brissett faced the Chargers was back in week one of the 2019 season where the Chargers topped the Colts in overtime 30-24 with a walk-off rushing touchdown by Austin Ekeler.