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Best tweets from Day 2 of Chargers Training Camp

How did twitter react to day 2 of Chargers training camp?

Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Day 2 brought us a bit more of the same. Derwin James continues his hold in, the defense won the day, and nothing crazy or bad happened. Exactly what you want to see at this point.

It’s good to see the best players getting on the field with the 1’s early. This defensive front is going to be borderline unrecognizable compared to last year.

Not only is Jerry Tillery not starting anymore, but if he continues to make “mistakes” like this...yikes.

With Derwin holding in, Gilman and rookie J.T. Woods are going to get some extra snaps early in camp and Gilman looks to be trying to make the most of it.

The Free Agent WR who was brought in to handle kick return duties is showing he can be a valuable part of the offense as well.

The Chargers 6th round pick has been impressive through 2 days of camp, making 2 more PBUs on day 2. Very encouraging from a 6th round pick.

It’s very good to see Donald Parham on the field again and continuing to display exceptional athleticism for his massive size.

Derwin is gonna get paid, and hopefully sooner rather than later. All the other players constantly talk about how valuable he is. He needs to be here, and he deserves what he’s asking for.