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Justin Herbert rated as 3rd-best AFC QB

What does Herbert have to do in 2022 to break into the top two?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The praise train for Justin Herbert just keeps coming.

Recently, Justin Herbert was ranked as the top player in the NFL age 25 or younger. That’s high praise when it comes to a league where it seems like the young, up-and-coming talent around the NFL has never been higher.

But where does Herbert land when it comes to ranking the quarterbacks within his conference? According to CBS Sports’ Cody Benjamin, Herbie isn’t the lead dog, but he’s pretty dang close. Behind only Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, he lands at #3 in the AFC heading into the 2022 season.

“If Mahomes is the magician and Allen is the supersized dual threat, then Herbert is the prototypical pocket passer,” says Benjamin. “Any concerns about the Oregon product’s college competition or softer-spoken leadership have been silenced by a historic debut, with Herbert becoming the first player in NFL history to throw 30+ TDs in each of his first two seasons. Despite the Chargers still seeking their first playoff appearance with him under center, few teams probably feel as secure at the position, where the 6-foot-6 signal-caller possesses veteran poise and one of the most electric arms in the league.”

Among the top-three, Herbert ranks only behind Mahomes with 9,350 passing yards over the past two seasons by just 229. If Herbert had played the season opener in 2020, he’d like be the leader in that category. As far as passing touchdowns go, he’s behind both Mahomes (75) and Allen (73) with 69, which is still an NFL record through a quarterback’s first two professional seasons.

If you’re interested in the entire list, here it is from top to bottom:

  1. Patrick Mahomes
  2. Josh Allen
  3. Justin Herbert
  4. Russell Wilson
  5. Joe Burrow
  6. Lamar Jackson
  7. Deshaun Watson
  8. Derek Carr
  9. Ryan Tannehill
  10. Matt Ryan
  11. Mac Jones
  12. Trevor Lawrence
  13. Tua Tagovailoa
  14. Kenny Pickett
  15. Zach Wilson
  16. Davis Mills

How do you feel about Herbert’s ranking? Is he ranked correctly? Should he be nay higher? What about lower? Let me know all your thoughts below.