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What are your Chargers game day rituals?

What must you do to make Sundays feel just right?

Chargers vs Denver Broncos in El Segundo, CA.

NFL Sundays are sacred. There’s only so many we fans get each year and it’ll be a cold day in hell before we ever let those days slip by without making the most of it. For the most die-hard, rituals are normally developed and the whole day/game just doesn’t feel right unless we’re able to complete our respective and very necessary checklists.

For me, Sundays are the day to throw caution and fiscal responsibility to the wind. Those 17 Sundays are reserved for the finer things in life, meaning I absolutely treat the hell out of myself.

The day MUST begin with a phenomenal breakfast. Whether it’s me cooking it all up myself or I take the wife to grab brunch somewhere, the day has to begin on the highest note. A smothered breakfast burrito or some massive egg scramble covered in hot sauce and salsa verde is my usual go-to. Add in a cup of coffee and a mimosa (or three) and I’m ready to rock the day.

The rest of the day probably isn’t all that much different from most of you. When game time nears, I find whatever Chargers apparel fits the vibe of the day, settle into my favorite spot on the couch, and get to cheering on the team. Of course I’m also working, but that doesn’t necessarily stop me from having a blast.

Now it’s your turn. In the comments below, let me know what you all do on your game days. Spare no details! I want to hear all about it.