Thunder Down Under Podcast - Episode 4 - Guest Series: Kyle from BFTB/Guilty As Charged

Good morning friends across the Pacific! We've just released Episode 4 of The Thunder Down Under Chargers Podcast with fellow BFTB contributor and friend, Kyle DeDiminicantanio.

You can watch it on YouTube here. Alternatively, you can find us wherever you like to download your favourite audio podcasts (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc).

Our synopsis for Episode 4 is below:

"It's the quietest part of the off-season, but not on Thunder Down Under where they're bringing you their 2022 Guest Series.

Join the guys on today's episode as they welcome Kyle from Guilty As Charged. Together, they discuss the latest Chargers news from OTAs, work through off-season Q&As, hang out on Kyle's Corner, and conclude with the infamous Thunder Down Under Aussie Quiz".

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Hope you enjoy the episode! Thanks so much for listening :-)

Alister (AKA "AussieBoltsFan", "@TDU_Alister")

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