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Donald Parham looks healthy early on in offseason workouts

This is the type of content we want to see.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Los Angeles Chargers Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

During the Chargers’ pivotal matchup with the Chiefs in mid-December of this past year, the air seemed to disappear in an instant. Early in the first quarter, Justin Herbert found a streaking Donald Parham in the back of the end zone for what seemed like a massive touchdown. However, that elation shifted to dread and fear in the moments that followed.

When Parham hit the turf, the ball ricocheted out of his hands and fell incomplete. After fans registered the result of the play, they then realized Parham wasn’t getting back up. Then they noticed his limbs were stuck in place. The young playmaker ended up injuring his back in what wound up being a freak incident. He was taken to a nearby hospital that night and was fortunately released within 24 hours.

Aside from Parham tweeting out the positive news that he’s expected to be just fine, we haven’t gotten a lot of news in recent weeks regarding his health and timetable to returning to the field.

But we did today.

In a short nine-second video tweeted out by the Chargers’ social media team, Herbert is seen taking a snap before firing a pass over the middle to Parham who snatches the ball before turning upfield and sprinting towards the end zone.

Now it’s just a simple pitch-and-catch on a field without helmets or pads, but he looks healthy. He looks like the Parham we’ve come to love over the past two seasons, and that’s all that matters. After the team decided to bring him back on another deal earlier this offseason, this is just phenomenal to see.

We should all be rooting for Parham’s health and success.

More of this content. Please, Chargers.