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Chargers 2022 Preseason Schedule: Rams to ‘host’ Bolts in early August

The Bolts will once again face the other L.A. team in August.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Along with the reveal of the entire 2022 regular season slate, the Chargers also announced their three-game preseason schedule which begins with an intra-stadium exhibition with the Rams on Saturday, August 13th. The Rams will play the role of the host in that one.

The following Saturday will see the Bolts travel to Arlington to face off against the Cowboys at Jerry’s World. The preseason then heads back to SoFi where the Chargers will host the Saints on a date that’s yet to be decided.

Last preseason, the Chargers went 1-2 with a win over the Rams and losses to both the Seahawks and 49ers.

As we all know, the preseason doesn’t mean much at all when it comes to predicting success during the regular season. As I just stated, the Bolts beat the Rams in the preseason by a score of 13-6, but it was the other L.A. team that went on to win a Super Bowl earlier this year.

Maybe we should all hope the Rams trounce the Chargers in August? Count me in for putting that out into the universe, if so.