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Chargers 2022 strength of schedule notes: Home/Away

The Bolts aren’t getting much of a break this season, whether at SoFi or on the road.

Los Angeles Chargers v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The full 2022 schedule has finally be unveiled and it’s time to start picking it apart for the sake of that sweet, sweet content.

I’m not going to lie to you all, this is not the easiest schedule for the Chargers by any means. Whether it’s their home matchups or their road trips, they’re going to face some tough teams in some tough atmospheres.

Below, I tallied up the total win-loss records for their home/road splits to give you all a better picture of what to expect this season.

Home Strength of Schedule: 73-63

Raiders 10-7, Jaguars 3-14, Broncos 8-9, Seahawks 7-10, Chiefs 12-5, Dolphins 9-8, Titans 12-5, Rams 12-5

The Chargers will face five teams at home this year who posted a winning record this past season, two of which are obviously coming from within the division in the Chiefs and Raiders. Games against the Titans and Rams are sure to be some of the most-competitive matchups on the schedule while the lone “cake walk” looks to be the Jaguars. The other two teams with losing records in 2021 are the 8-9 Broncos and 7-10 Seahawks, both of which weren’t far from being above .500 when it came down to it.

Away Strength of Schedule: 79-74

Chiefs 12-5, Texans 4-13, Browns 8-9, Falcons 7-10, 49ers 10-7, Cardinals 11-6, Raiders 10-7, Colts 9-8, Broncos 8-9

This group has five more combined wins than the home matchups while also having 11 more combined losses. They’ll travel to five teams who posted records over .500 a year ago and three others who fell short of the midway mark. Similar to the home matchups, two of the losing records are just under .500 with the 8-9 Browns and the 7-10 Falcons. The weakest opponent in here is the Texans who went 4-13 last season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean much at all after what happened in their 2021 meeting.