Let's Learn Football!!

As I have been creating and reading some Fanposts and listening to some Chargers podcasts, it occurred to me that some of the verbiage and explanations being used might not be understood by everyone. Having knowledge about something will automatically enhance your appreciation for it. Assuming that you are reading this on an NFL team blog, you are obviously interested in football. What better way to enhance your passion for it than learning it on a more in-depth level? While I am not as versed as professional coaches, hopefully I can use my knowledge as a former college player to explain the game in more detail. For this series I will NOT begin breaking down the game from the most basic concepts, positions and rules, but I will start from an average fan's perspective and work into more complex topics. If there is any topic that you feel is interesting, please leave it in the comments and I will try to address it on a future post. I hope you enjoy.


Offensive Areas/Markings/Terms

Hash: Dotted lines running down the center of the field. The ball is spotted within this area so that the field can have almost equal distance on either side of the ball. The ball can be spotted on the hash but not outside of it.

These markings also represent the yard line. If you were 1 hash right or left of the 50-yard line you would be on the 49 and the yardage counts down moving toward the end zone.

Outside The Numbers: This references the area of the field from the sideline to the large numbers on the field marking the yard lines

Slot: Area of the field that is between the hash and the numbers. This term can also be used to describe the player that is occupying that area on a set play. Slot WR, Slot CB etc.

Red Zone: This term describes the 20 yards of the field where teams try to optimize their scoring opportunities with their proximity to the End Zone.