Thunder Down Under Podcast - Episode 1: The Ides of March

We finally did it! We recorded our debut episode of The Thunder Down Under Chargers Podcast this weekend.

You can watch it on YouTube here. (

Alternatively, you can listen to the audio here. (

You can also find us on Spotify and shortly we will upload to Apple Podcasts (feel free to leave a review!).

Our synopsis for Episode 1 is below:

"After a busy free agency period, the Thunder Down Under analyse the Chargers' recent signings, what's been happening in the AFC West, and make a number of bold statements about the NFL.
Join Andy, Jack and Alister on today's episode as they play "Someone's been a busy boy", "They're Our Rivals" and "Tell Him He's Dreamin".

Soon I'll be changing my BFTB handle to TDU_Alister to match my Twitter profile.

You can follow us on Twitter at @TDU_Chargers here. Please subscribe and hit the "like" on YouTube if you want updates when we release new episodes. And if you like our content, please let your friends know, spread the love, and join us on our journey across all social media platforms.

It means the world to us that we have the support of this little BFTB community - it's really amazing and can't wait to have some of you on as guests.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on our content, and anything you liked/didn't like about our first episode. So let me know in the comments below or the YouTube comments section!

Thanks so much to all of you. And have a very Happy Easter

Alister (AKA "AussieBoltsFan", "@TDU_Alister)

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