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Charger fans rejoice as Tyreek Hill exits AFC West

It’s like a Christmas miracle!

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

No, you’re not dreaming. And don’t worry about finding someone to pinch you. This is really happening.

On Wednesday morning, the incredibly-satisfying news broke that Tyreek Hill is being traded out of the AFC West to the Dolphins for a haul of five draft picks, including Miami’s first and second-round picks in this year’s draft. After six seasons of seeing Hill twice a year, the Chargers and their fans no longer have to worry about seeing the lightning-fast menace ever again. At least, in a divisional game, that is.

After the deal was done, the Dolphins then made Hill one of the highest-paid receivers in the NFL as he got a four-year, $120 million extension. Three years and $75 million of that deal is new money.

Since 2016, the Chargers and the rest of the NFL watched as Hill accumulated 6,630 yards and 56 touchdowns all while winning the AFC West in each of those seasons and earning a Super Bowl ring following the 2019 campaign. In his last game against the Chargers, Hill had 12 receptions for 148 yards and a touchdown. Now, he’s off to the AFC East where he’ll get to be a massive thorn in the side of the Patriots, Bills, and Jets for the foreseeable future.

We will absolutely not miss him in the slightest.