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USFL being sued by group of former owners from original league

Can we just have some extra football? Please?

Washington Federals v Philadelphia Stars Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

So in other football news regarding yet another secondary league attempting to not only start a season but finish it, as well, the USFL is already running into some major problems ahead of it’s official debut next month.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the budding league is apparently being sued by a group of owners from the original USFL, claiming that Fox Sports is using their trademarks without permission. The Real USFL LLC, a company that supposedly holds the trademarks from the original league from the 1980s, is seeking an injunction to stop the network from using any of its’ names or logos, including the name USFL.

“Fox has no claim to this legacy and no right to capitalize on the goodwill of the league,” said the Real USFL in its’ filed complaint. “Fox’s USFL franchise is an unabashed counterfeit.”

On the other side, FOX claims that the original USFL has been defunct for over 30 years and had abandoned their trademarks. However, former general manager of the USFL’s Jacksonville Generals Larry Csonka claims that if their original trademarks were useless and worthy of being abandoned, why would the network want them?

As of now, Csonka is the manager of the ownership group that is bring the lawsuit.

In all honesty, we the people just want some extra football in our lives. First the Alliance of American Football folded before their inaugural season to finish and then the return of the XFL was cut short due to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can we just...have some nice things? Asking for a football-crazed friend, that’s also me. I’m the friend.