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NFL Agents organizing boycott of 2022 NFL Combine

Could the combine look quite a bit different this year?

NFL: International Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

To keep players and staff safe for this year’s NFL Combine in Indianapolis, the NFL is planning to implement a “bubble” environment that would keep participating players from being in contact with their coaches and trainers during the entire duration of the event. The combine has gotten a bad wrap in recent years due to the reportedly subpar structure and itinerary which puts players at a much higher risk of injury. With the new bubble scenario, those negative factors would put the players under even more stress and raise the chance for severe injury that could ultimately cost them money in the long run.

Per NFL insider Ian Rapoport, a group of NFL agents that represent over 150 players invited to the combine are organizing a boycott of the event unless the NFL relents on their idea of a bubble environment. On top of that, the NFLPA sent a memo to agents reinforcing their “long standing opposition” to the event while also expressing their support for the potential boycott.

On Twitter, NFL agent Mike McCartney expressed his thoughts on the matter, questioning why players are allowed to get adequate nutrition, rest, and rehab before games yet the combine offers almost nothing of the sort. And that’s BEFORE the NFL planned to implement the new structure.

The NFL Combine is one of the most-anticipated events leading up to that year’s NFL draft. If a boycott does come to fruition and the event is heavily impacted by said boycott, it’ll be interesting to see how these events could effect the event going forward, in a pandemic-stricken world or not.