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Chargers named top Twitter account by Complex Sports

In some of the most non-surprising news this week...

NFL: Super Bowl LVI Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just a handful of years ago, the social media profiles for various sports franchises were nothing more than simple messages and news updates regarding the club and other pertinent bits of information, but in the year 2022, teams are utilizing the the medium in a totally different way.

These days, Twitter is the biggest way teams can communicate and interact with their fan base. Oddly enough, the biggest variable that has come to separate the average, good, and the phenomenal social media handles has actually been how funny they are.

In that facet, it should come as no surprise that the Chargers Twitter account has been named the best NFL account by Complex Sports.

“The Chargers are another team that was up and down all year,” says author Aaron Mansfield. “At some points, they looked like the class of the AFC…yet they managed to miss the playoffs due to some shenanigans at the very end of the regular-season. Fans have to be encouraged, however, by the progress this season. With Justin Herbert at the helm, the future is bright. Likewise, this franchise seems to have a Digital Justin Herbert manning the keyboard and mouse. This social media team keeps up with trends, churning out memorable content. They obviously are not afraid of stirring up some fun (or anger), evidenced in their chirp of the Raiders and jab at ESPN. Too many teams are afraid of making noise on Twitter. Stay loud, Chargers.

I know success on social media doesn’t exactly translate to success on the field, but the people behind the Chargers Twitter account have done a great job of not only garnering fandom for the team. but they’ve done a great job of catching the attention of those across the media landscape.

I mean, who would have ever thought that an accidental tweet regarding the restaurant chain P.F. Changs would create a long-lasting inside joke that the entire NFL social media community remembers well over a half decade later?

In the end, being name the best in anything is a good thing, but let’s see if the Chargers can produce the same amount of success on the field in 2022 as their social media does off of it.