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Eric Weddle gets the last laugh, thanks Chargers and Tom Telesco following Super Bowl victory

After all this time, he’s still a bit peeved.

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

From 2017 to 2015, Eric Weddle was one of the most-dominant and all-around best safeties in the league while he donned the lightning bolt for the Chargers in San Diego. He was named to three Pro Bowls and earned First-Team All-Pro honors twice.

However, it’s been well-recorded over the years that the split between Weddle and the Chargers was nothing close to being all sunshine and rainbows. It was apparently toxic enough that Weddle has since held a grudge towards Tom Telesco and the front office, one that he hasn’t ever been afraid to air out publicly.

Prior to the big game, during a presser, Weddle recalled with the media a time before he left the Chargers where the late Kobe Bryant offered some advice to the safety in regards to how he should handle the “motivation” gained when he was spurned by his former team.

“Make them pay in the worst way possible,” Bryant said.

Well, after over half a decade and a “retirement” later, Weddle is finally getting that last laugh he’s been striving for.

“I want to thank the Chargers for drafting me...and I also want to thank ol’ Tom Telesco for the way things ended there and showing me the light and giving me that motivation and that fire,” said Weddle triumphantly at the postgame podium. “I appreciate that. I always said that Eric Weddle will get the last laugh and I’m a world champion now.”

Like their former safety, the Chargers need to use this moment as their own motivation heading into the 2022 season. They just watched the other team in Los Angeles, the actual owners of the stadium they play in, win the Super Bowl. They showed everything that it takes to win the big game and now nothing else matters besides that. The bar has been set at it’s highest possible point.

It’s now time for ol’ Tom Telesco to make it happen, or at least go out swinging to get it done.