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Chargers Discussion Thread: What is your favorite piece of Chargers memorabilia you own?

Large, small, cheap, or expensive. We’ve all got something that makes us swell with Chargers pride.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

As sports fan, our love for the team can stretch out and reach into every aspect of our lives.

Not only do we want to be draped in powder blue and gold while cheering on the team, but we also want to be surrounded by objects and possessions that also don the bolt and color scheme.

Sometimes that’s your favorite mug, a set of monogramed towels, or even that swanky mini fridge you convinced your significant other you desperately “needed” even though it’s only there to hold your favorite alcoholic beverages.

But these pieces of Chargers memorabilia could also be of the high-end variety.

Maybe you have a game-worn jersey framed and sitting on your office wall. Maybe you decked out your vehicle with a bunch of custom decals so everyone can know just how much you “Bolt Up!” on a daily basis.

Either way you choose to express your fandom, you’re never wrong.

This discussion thread aims to do just that — start a discussion. So go ahead and hop into the comment section and let us know what piece(s) of Chargers fandom and memorabilia is your favorite? It can be absolutely anything. If it makes you swell up with pride just by setting your eyes on it, than it’s worthy of sharing.

Have fun, and I can’t wait to see what you all have to share!