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Chargers earn ‘C-’ in 27-20 loss to Raiders

Blowing a double-digit lead is an easy way to earn a blemish on the weekly report card

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers started strong against the Raiders on Sunday afternoon with a swarming defense that scored the team’s first touchdown of the game via a pick-six by cornerback Bryce Callahan.

Kicker Cameron Dicker tacked on a field goal early in the second quarter to give them a 10-0 lead but the Raiders came storming back with a 20-yard rushing score from Josh Jacobs and a long field goal by Daniel Carlson.

Despite converting another field goal before the half — and receiving the opening kickoff after the break — the Chargers couldn’t capitalize on the momentum that seemingly wanted to shift their way.

Soon after the offense got on the field to begin the third quarter, they were quickly taken off following a fumble by Austin Ekeler. On the next play, Derek Carr hit Davante Adams for a touchdown and that ultimately is what began the slow downhill spiral for Los Angeles.

At one point, the Raiders built a 14-point lead which ultimately wasn’t able to be overcome by Herbert and the offense.

For their efforts, CBS Sports analyst John Breech gave them a “C-” for their performance against Las Vegas.

“If Brandon Staley wasn’t yet on the hot seat, he might be after losing this game where the Chargers blew a 10-0 lead. Staley is a defensive-minded coach, so it definitely doesn’t reflect well on him when two of the other team’s biggest stars — Josh Jacobs and Davante Adams — absolutely torch his defense. Also, the Chargers had a nightmare second half that included a lost fumble, a missed field goal and a failed fourth down from the Raiders’ 42-yard line with under three minutes left. It feels like the Chargers (6-6) have way too much talent to be a .500 team, but that’s exactly what they are with just five games left in the season”

Unfortunately, Breech’s thoughts essentially echo ones that have been tossed around for most of this season. Staley’s seat is slowing getting hotter and hotter while everyone is just so upset for Herbert who is tasked with carrying an entire offense far too often. The defense isn’t stepping up. The offense is too predictable.

Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.

With five games to go and the Chargers staring at a .500 record heading into their two toughest remaining games of the season, it’s going to take some serious reinforcements for them scratch and claw their way back to a meaningful shot at making this year’s postseason.