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Chargers vs. Raiders Week 13 Podcast Recap: This is a coaching issue

Garrett and Jamie recap the Chargers game AFTER HOURS.

Garrett and Jamie recap the Chargers Week 13 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on the Lightning Round Podcast: After Hours. They live streamed their reactions regarding how the Chargers lost and some of the major turning points in the game.

Defensively the Chargers began the game strong holding Josh Jacobs to under 40 yards rushing in the first quarter but then the flood gates opened and Jacobs finished with 144 yards and a touchdown. The Chargers got two quick turnovers, a fumble caused by Chargers linebacker Kenneth Murray on Josh Jacobs and Asante Samuel Jr. tipped a pass in the air that cornerback Bryce Callahan returned for a touchdown. Right after that, the Raiders scored on five of their next seven possessions gaining the lead that won them the game despite two chances for Justin Herbert to come back from behind to win.

Offensively, Justin Herbert and company only scored one touchdown off an incredible 4th down throw from Herbert to Keenan Allen in the end zone. For the seventh game in a row the Chargers offense could not score a touchdown in the third quarter. Justin Herbert had two chances to win the game in the end, one that resulted in a turnover on downs and the last throw of the game to DeAndre Carter was caught in bounds until the clock ran out.

The guys talk about the coaching staff as a whole, how they can not dig themselves into holes if they want to make a playoff push and the lack of in-game management from Brandon Staley.

That and more is all on the Lightning Round Podcast: After Hours!

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