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Week 13 Final Score: Chargers 20 - Raiders 27

The Chargers second game against the Raiders this season finished with the Chargers in the L column.

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Chargers finished their mandatory 2 games against the Las Vegas Raiders for the season on the road in week 13 with a loss, dropping the Chargers to 6-6.

The game started off with some fireworks as the Chargers defense got to work with a Kenneth Murray forced fumble, that unfortunately lead to no points with a failed 4th down conversion from the Chargers, then an Asante Samuel Jr pass break up that let Bryce Callahan come down with an interception that he ran back for a touchdown.

The Raiders defense got off to a hot start as well as their defensive line started early in their domination of the Chargers offensive line, coming down with multiple sacks and even more QB hits. Herbert had almost no time to throw and was getting hit all game.

The Chargers defense however then started to crumble as Derek Carr hooked up with Davante Adams for 8 catches for 177 and 2 TDs. Adams was singled up for most of the game and took advantage of the Charger defense basically all afternoon.

Staley’s defense also had a hard time bottling up Josh Jacobs who carried it 21 times for 126 yards and a TD.

After coming out with one of the worst 3rd quarters in a season filled with bad 3rd quarters from the Chargers, they entered the 4th quarter down 24 - 13 on the road.

The Chargers started to push for a comeback however, sparked by a 4th and 13 attempt that saw Justin Herbert escape the pocket and connect with an improvising Keenan Allen for a gorgeous 35 yard touchdown.

The next drive looked promising as the Chargers were driving, however the drive stalled out in Raiders territory as there was a very questionable missed call on 3rd down when Keenan Allen was tackled coming out of his break as the ball was thrown. On 4th down Herbert tried to hit Carter down the sideline but the ball fell incomplete.

The Chargers forced a punt after that but got the ball back with 22 seconds left and no time outs to go 90 yards. They only managed about 38 yards.