Steve Young is right!

When will it f$&ing change! Bring back AJ Smith at least he won a division. What the hell do Deano you moron inept owner see in this idiot Tom Telesco. How many more years of embarrasenent with a guy that cannot draft his way out of paper bag. Who cannot get quality free agents to add depth. Who cannot trade in mid season or bring in better athletes mid season. His coaches are even worse who cannot adjust. Thank god I am not a seaon ticket it lousy enough being a former season ticket holder. Barring 2019. This team has been disgusting to follow with that idiot as a GM. Poor Justin Hebert. Steve Young hits the nail right on the head! You know it never used to be that way. Just since the idiot kid took over for his father and hired and still employs a moron for a gm.

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