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Which team do you hate the Chargers to lose to the most?

Chiefs, Broncos and Raiders were naturally among the top teams that Chargers fans dislike losing to.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday for our weekly community discussion, we asked you all about the teams you can’t stand to see the Chargers lose to.

Like always, we got plenty of answers, so let’s go ahead and dive into some of our favorites.

Gates Fan 85

Well, that past few years I have hated losing to the Dolphins, but now I think it is the Chiefs. Everybody is so far up Mahomes’ nuts it’s ridiculous. If everyone would realize that he is a baseball player playing quarterback, the hype around him would be so much smaller. All his throws are like a shortstop throwing to first and nothing more. And half of them are just lucky catches. So any win over the Chiefs is like winning the Super Bowl to me.



Ever since Marlon Mcree was stripped by Troy Brown, who was the first of Belichick’ do it all, Smurf receivers.

Last NFL game I saw in person was Chargers Pats in 2017. Chargers pass up a 4th and 1 early only to miss a Nick Novak fg (you aren’t beating the Pats in Foxboro by kicking fgs). Travis Benjamin did something so stupid and painful on a punt return that I can’t remember what it was and refuse to refresh memory.

Want to remember what I remember about the 2018 playoffs? Watching the Chargers-Pats with a bunch of New England fans and being utterly embarrassed by the 41-28 beatdown that was only that close because big brother trying and let little brother have two sympathy TDs at the end of the game.

Judge Dread

I hate when the Chargers play against themselves and lose to themselves. Otherwise it’s the Chiefs who have ruled the AFC West for 7 years straight and I’m sick of it.


While I hate all of our divisional rivals I can’t stand the Broncos for the life of me. No matter how bad the broncos have been since Peyton left they continue to have a stout defense. So when we play them especially at Mile High its always an ugly game. The game against the broncos this year was one of the worst chargers games I’ve ever seen and I just wanted it to end. At least when we play the Raiders or Chiefs, Win or Lose the offense will have a big day. I think I realized I hated them the most when we lost to that douchebag drew lock back in 2019 due to that dumb PI called at the end of the game.


Hate losing to the Raiders the most!


Chiefs. Raiders. Broncos.

In that order. I used to like Chiefs fans. Thought they were the classiest of our division rivals… until.. they started winning. Then they became obnoxious a**holes. At least the Raiders were always rowdy and wild. KC fans literally changed up as soon as they started winning. I hate that.

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