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The things only fans understand about the Chargers

We asked fans this week about the things only fans of the Chargers would understand about the team/franchise.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week for our community discussion, we asked you all about the things you believe only serious Chargers fans understand about the team.

As expected, you all came out swinging with your responses and for that we wanted to highlight some of our favorites.

SD_Bolted kept it simple, proclaiming that the classic Super Chargers theme song is one of the best in sports.

“San Diego Super Chargers song is a banger.”

Milescasbier described the chronic frustration of being lucky enough to always have a notable player at the team’s most important position, but never lucky enough to build the right group around them.

“We always have good QB play and talent but never a complete team. I don’t think people appreciate our QB situation, I’ve been watching 15 years and have only ever seen 3 QBs suit up which includes the 1 game with Ytrod.”

67alecto lamented on the feeling that the Chargers aren’t anybody’s historic rival outside of the usual divisional opponents.

“We’re nobody’s rival. We’re an afterthought.”

“Sure, we have our division opponents, but none of them consider the Chargers to be their true rival.”

Skibumbolthead recalled the hardest of times as he suggested simply being a fan of this team is an experience unlike any other.

“How hard it is being a charger fan. I grew up in San Diego and have been a fan since childhood. I was there for air coryell and watched as Dan Fouts and company destroy NFL defenses but no super bowl. Sat in a bar alone in SLC and watched their lone super bowl appearance go completely wrong.”

We’ll be posting a new community discussion topic every Tuesday morning before gathering some of our favorites responses to share on the following Friday. Be sure to take part every week for your chance to have your answer featured and don’t be afraid to let us know if there’s a specific question you want us to ask the community in a future post!